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Friday, February 26, 2016

Fest season

Hello there!
*(well actually hello to no-one)

So, festival season is on and today is 3rd day of #mecca2016 Mecca - the annual festival of Hindu college, university of Delhi.( yeah ! My college :D :) )

And as it is well understood that there is nothing much I can do about the festival other than sleeping and missing the fun, somehow I managed to attend the 2nd day of fest but the fest surprised me.

Second day was DJ night with some famous fj mr blah blah ( I really don't know) I am not an expert but still I noticed something and deduced something .

It was more of a rave party ( I don't know why, no reason, but still) Loudest noise I have ever heard, Artificial smoke ( that was dry ice I guess) And above all Smokers, stoned people.... THE COOL PEOPLE....

Well I don't know maybe bcoz I don't care much for loud music ( I do like EDM) I. Guesss it was not pleasing to my ears.

Moving on
I had my first ever ride to that big boat, the jhoola ( i am missing something) and I felt the weightlessness for the first time ever.
Cant write that feeling...
Wooooooooooo !!

At the end let me give you quick links to some good melodies.
Get it Here

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