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Friday, February 26, 2016

Fest season

Hello there!
*(well actually hello to no-one)

So, festival season is on and today is 3rd day of #mecca2016 Mecca - the annual festival of Hindu college, university of Delhi.( yeah ! My college :D :) )

And as it is well understood that there is nothing much I can do about the festival other than sleeping and missing the fun, somehow I managed to attend the 2nd day of fest but the fest surprised me.

Second day was DJ night with some famous fj mr blah blah ( I really don't know) I am not an expert but still I noticed something and deduced something .

It was more of a rave party ( I don't know why, no reason, but still) Loudest noise I have ever heard, Artificial smoke ( that was dry ice I guess) And above all Smokers, stoned people.... THE COOL PEOPLE....

Well I don't know maybe bcoz I don't care much for loud music ( I do like EDM) I. Guesss it was not pleasing to my ears.

Moving on
I had my first ever ride to that big boat, the jhoola ( i am missing something) and I felt the weightlessness for the first time ever.
Cant write that feeling...
Wooooooooooo !!

At the end let me give you quick links to some good melodies.
Get it Here

Thursday, February 11, 2016

keeping up with my twits

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


So there it goes (again) another wasted night and apparently a day too if I still (now) end up sleeping.
Well its obvious what I could I have done.
But let me tell me( who am I kidding, no one reads my blog) I watched 4 movies ( American ultra, ted, ted 2, and the notebook) in a row.. No big deal!

I don't know if I am gonna make it to the college today but I kinda feel the spirit of to not let go, so maybe even I'll go and try to attend all the classes(sleeping).

I feel lost sometimes and sometimes I feel even if know what I am doing...
Well but sometimes I get the stream of some questioning flowing in my blood and I end up writing blog.

So there starts todays blog..
(yes, apparently it was just a starting and I tell you what its gonna be so long this time.)
Probably today I am not writing just because a good song is struck in my mind but some ideas are struck today and I wont let them fade away.
Won't let them go this time

I have a passion for music well not playing some instruments but I do love good music, good songs.
Well till now music, ( especially ghulam ali's ghazal) is the only thing which makes me smile
I do picture myself singing some ghazal In a big mehfil, but I never did anything about it.
Except for just downloading some more of it.

I am not a person who dances but I do like dances, I do feel something in my heart for those heart melting dances, those steps which gives Goosebumps ( I don't know
Even if I am using right metaphor or not and yes I am not talking about those weird dance step, so called break dance and robotic dance and acrobatic dances).
Yes I feel for dance, I picture myself dancing, but I never did anything about it.

I do feel that I can ...

Nd now I don't wanna write much....
Till then bbyyee