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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


This is a fine morning and I am feeling very good.
(although I haven't slept yet, and I am not going to)
Humming one of Nusrat fateh ali khan's melodies.. Well this is hai kahan ka irada tumhara sanam.
It was around starting of 12th when I felt I kinda like Nusrat fateh ali khan's songs.. (technically it is not songs, they are qawali or Ghazal)

Some of them were..

  • afreen

  • unki gali me aana jana

  • pilao saqi

Okay enough about songs, ghazals or qawali..

From 27th onwards I am having my semester exams and although I am not having enough preparation (it is never enough believe me) but I believe I'll do good...

Lets hope for best...
And I am off to some more of Nusrat fateh ali khan ...